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About Us

Meow Meow. Thanks for stopping by at Attention Cat Lovers!

Our store is build around a special type of people who are passionate about cats! We hope you have found something you really like on our store! 

Our Story began in 2017! when we spotted a market for cat lovers. We didn't see a great deal of stores online with a strong focus on good quality products and affordable prices. We took the challenge to build a store that really has amazing products and only for passionate cat lovers!

We contacted suppliers world-wide and established some great pricing for products. We negotiated FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on all our products in store (except for free gifts).

We really hope you enjoy your stay here and come back for more anytime. 

If you'd like to get in touch feel free to email us at meow@attentioncatlovers.com

Our Guarantee
- Free Shipping Worldwide
- Exceptional Customer Service
- Very Responsive Customer Service
- Affordable Pricing
- 100% Money Back Guarantee
- 100% Secure Payment (Paypal, Master Card, Visa)
We don't store your credit card details.